Anna Zeiß (naturopath)
Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Hofheinz (oncologist)
Atmani (founder)

The school was founded by Atmani in 2000 in Hirschhorn/Neckar.

Monthly fee: € 100,-
(3 weekends a year)
each 130,-€
(including meals)
Organ day
(2x a year)
each 50,-€
Singing group
(3 x per year, à 4 hours)

each 40-60€
(depending on group size)

Single lessons in singing

following consultation with the teacher

Anthropofonetic training is suitable for doctors, naturopaths and other medical professionals. The course for physicians / naturopaths is based primarily on the books of Husemann/Wolf, Girke, and the lectures of Rudolf Steiner for the contribution of physicians - to name but a few. The original intentions of Rudolf Steiner, which he passed on to Felix Peipers, are also explored and advanced.

The anthropofonetics, possible and permitted for doctors/practitioners of alternative medicine, differs substantially from that of the healer.

Currently, there are two types of training course:

  1. Training one day a week throughout a year.
  2. The training in two weeks per year.

The basic training takes five years. Thereafter knowledge is extended (see below) in one week of training plus two special days per year (see below).

There is mandatory participation in spiritual science training/anthroposophy (3 weekends over a year); singing classes and two additional days devoted to the organ systems and planetary forces.

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